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Poker Tournaments

Chances are, you've heard of Texas Holdem, one of the most popular variants of poker. The popularity of Texas Holdem has really grown over the past decade with players from all over the world getting in on the action.


Texas Holdem tournaments are especially popular for fundraising, allowing your group or organization to raise serious money in a short period of time. We provide everything needed for a fun and successful event, including tables, dealers, high quality chips and cards, our own sound system, and even a running clock wall projection so that all players always know exactly how much time remains before blinds increase.

How does it work?
For tournament fundraisers, we supply octagon-shaped tables where the players deal to each other until only nine remain. At that point, those nine players make up the final table, where one of our professional dealers finishes out the tournament dealing.


Our tables can comfortably hold up to eight players and are made with high quality nylon suede for maximum durability and looks.



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